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Call for Help

This is the new section which I am Introducing to help Candidates on personal Basis.

I have noticed that there are lot of People outside those need personal guidance. Just reading the Blogs / Articles / Online Material are not sufficient. They need personal Guidance in term of
  • How to start ?
  • What to Start?
  • How they come to know which one is their Weak area and which one is Strong area?
  • They need to talk someone personally and need proper Counseling?
  • which book they should Refer and what Topic they should read or Focus?
  • How to Build Resume as per Industry Requirement
  • Personal Online or Offline Training
  • Mail Communication / Skype Communication
  • Mock Interview to know if they are ready on a Particular Topic or Not

Knowing all these things, I am opining a platform where you can call me for Help and I will guide you on different Process and try to fill this gap.

To make this process smooth and successful, I am working over a model and will Introduce that with some Steps ASAP. Remember - I am doing my Job (Full Time Job) and I have several other responsibilities, so I can't support/help 24x7. So that's a challenge for me.

STAY TUNE For more Update.

In the Mean Time, You can contact me through following ways..

My LinkedIn Profile:

Any one can contact me on the following mail-id. I always try my best to respond asap.


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