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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Conformal Dielectric

Conformal Dielectric

What is the Conformal Dielectric ? It a normal dielectric layer but with certain properties / parameters. Like
  • It surrounds a particular layer which can be either conductor or other dielectric. It means, it is not a general dielectric layer which can present anywhere. You can find it (conformal layer) only at place where it's corresponding layer present. Like POLY, M1 , M2 etc.
  • Definition of conformal layer has at least one of the following parameter (Check below figures for understanding of these parameters)
    • Side Thickness
    • Top Thickness
    • Bottom Thickness

Below diagrams can help you to understand the concept of conformal Dielectric. I am sure no need of any explanation is required after this.

  • Associated Conductor is M1.
  • Side Expand of Dielectric around M1 - Means This Dielectric is Conformal.
  • Top Expand (thickness) of Dielectric Around M1 - Means it's a Conformal Dielectric.
  • Bottom expand (thickness) of Dielectric around M1 - Means It's a Conformal Dielectric.

Note :
  • Associated Conductor is M1.
  • Conformal layer can have above type of structures also where only either "side" or "bottom" or "top" thickness is present.

  • Associated Conductor is M1 for DEL_a1, DEL_b1 and DEL_c1.
  • For other Dielectric (DEL_a2, DEL_a3, DEL_b2, DEL_c2) associated layer is Dielectric. So, these are also Conformal dielectric but around previous dielectric (other Dielectric).
  • Calculation of the Side thickness, bottom thickness and top thickness is as per above figure (when it's associated with other dielectric)but their modelling (in technology file) can vary as per EDA vendor's methodology.

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