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VLSI Industry: Insight

This section helps you to understand VLSI Industry more closely. How a College going Student can be part of This Industry, what are different Challenges, how to overcome those, how to decide , what to choose and etc etc ... We will discuss all those here one by one. This page can work as a guide or can work as virtual consular for you.
We will help you to give you more insight about the VLSI Industry. Below articles will force you to do Brainstorming and also help you to make/take your decision.

Truth or Myth about VLSI Industry:

Journey Of different Students/Candidates:
In this section we have tried to capture the real Journey of People, challenges they have faced for their Passion (VLSI Industry) and how different medium and resources helped them to achieve their Goal.

Corporate Truth:
This Section helps you about the Corporate Culture. These topics are always Debatable and under Discussion. People have different opinion. But every fresher and new born baby (in corporate world) should know these thing. It helps them to survive in this world.

Career Building Tips and Tricks:
This Section helps you to build Career in VLSI Industry.

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  1. REGARDING Help in Ph.D and my PhD topic is Design of Low Pwer VLSI design for non volatile memory application

    Best Regards
    Gyan Prabhakar
    Ph.D. Scholar,
    Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology (K.N.I.T.),Sultanpur UP
    Dept. of Electronics Engineering
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