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Vlsi Interview Questions

First lets discuss how to prepare GOOD RESUME and Tips or attending Interview

  1. How to Prepare Good Resume
  2. Tips For Face to Face Interview
  3. 5 Steps to Crack VLSI Interview

Now, I are trying to capture most of the Interview Questions related to Semiconductor Field. I have categorized the different questions into different subtopics.

  1. Physical Design Interview Questions (Part 1)
  2. Physical Design Interview Questions (Part 2)
  3. Timing based Interview Question
  4. DRM Related VLSI interview questions
  5. Spice model Based Vlsi Interview Question
  6. Placement Blockage related VLSI Interview Questions
  7. Parasitic Extraction Based Interview Questions
  8. Delay Related Interview Questions (Part 1)-(with Explanation)
  9. Delay Related Interview Questions (Part 2)-(with Explanation)
  10. Clock Skew based Interview Questions
  11. High and Low Vt Cells and 5 important Design techniques

You can refer below book also for Static Timing Analysis - VLSI interview Questions. This book is available in the amazon.

VLSI INTERVIEW QUESTION: Static Timing analysis: Puneet Mittal (Author)

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  1. check book "Physical Design Interview Questions" in Amazon.

  2. These figures helped me a lot in my work. Hopefully your site will continue to provide this kind of material for my work.
    bubble am , ludo king

  3. In layout designing , why do we need to provide more vdd and vss connections in layout perspective , how does it helps the design ?

    1. Multiple vss and vss connections are required to overcome IR drops. Longer the interconnect length , the higher the metal R and C ( coupling mostly )which causes IR drop if multiple vdd and vss ports are not placed in layout


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