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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Journey from to Internship (Sanjay Goyal)

People always ask me how to get into VLSI Industry and every time, I try to help them with few basic rules.
  1. Complete your required Education with good CGPA/%
  2. Strong Fundamentals and concepts
  3. Prepare good Resume
  4. Understand the Job requirement and prepare your self for the Interview
  5. Keep confidence on your self
  6. Keep trying

If anyone is following above 6 rules, One day they will get their Dream job Or at least the first Success toward the Dream.

Same is the Story of Sanjay Goyal. One day he pinged me and shared his success story with me. I feel proud after hearing the appreciation from his mouth about my Articles and Videos. I asked him to write a short paragraph. I am sure It will help everyone.

Sanjay Scored:
  • 66.9% In Btech.
  • 8.7 CGPA in Mtech.

Here is his short paragraph. (I have just convert few words into Links and added line Break at few places. Nothing else is changed).

"My name is Sanjay Goyal. I completed my M.Tech in VLSI Technology from Sharda University, Greater Noida in 2014.

From the starting of my M.Tech, I had a mindset to get a job in VLSI domain. But the biggest issue was that I had no idea “From Where to Start”.

I joined one institute to learn Verilog as it was subject of my First Semester. Now I started preparing myself for VLSI field. I learnt Linux fundamentals, Basic Analog (MOS, CMOS, OP-AMP etc) and Digital Electronics (Logic Gates, Combo and Sequential Circuits, Memory, etc) along with Verilog HDL.

I used to do lot of web search regarding VLSI topics. Different VLSI-expert's Articles , Several VLSI-Expert's Videos and Different Course of VLSI-academy helped me very much to understand the complete Physical Design Flow. The content is very well categorized, organized and explained with real time examples. It starts from basic level and gradually takes you to advance level.

The second challenge I faced was during my job search. My resume was not getting shortlisted as it was not fulfilling the employer’s requirement. An article How To Prepare Good Resume by Mr. Puneet Mittal on vlsi-expert helped me to prepare a very nice resume which contains all the keywords to match the employer’s requirement. And then I was shortlisted for Mentor Graphics, Truechip Solution and Cadence Design System.

I would like to give sincere thanks to Puneet Sir and whole team of from bottom of my heart. has played a very important role to build my career in vlsi domain as well as to get my dream job inside Cadence Design System. Thanks for your kind support and guidance. Best of luck…… “

First of all - very thanks to Sanjay Goyal who took time to appreciate us. I am sure It will help other in building their career.

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Now you can see in above Paragraph - There are few important things - which he pointed out.
  • Mindset to get a job in VLSI domain: It was his dream and he was passionate for that. When Dream and passion matches then only you need proper guidance, rest you can do yourself.
  • Learnt Fundamentals: I have mentioned several time that it's always required.
  • Lot of web search regarding VLSI topics: This is something is very important. Now a days, everyone has Internet and free access of Google, Students should use them to understand different Topics. If you explore, you will get all the information. Lot of People are doing a lot of things for the Society. Just you have to use that.
  • Resume was not getting shortlisted: One of the Challenge in getting job is Proper Resume. Sometime people have good technical skills but lack of Soft skills but now a days it's also Important. So you have to focus on that part also.
  • Shortlisted in good Companies: It's not like Companies are not looking for candidates, it's like they need Skill person. Sanjay was prepared with all the basics and fulfilling all perquisite, so he was able to crack all the steps of interview.

I think I have pointed a lot with the help of his Story. In case, you want to talk to him (For the Validity of this Testimonial :) ) , you can contact him -
Mail Id:
LinkedIn Profile

Sanjay - Once again - Thanks a lot and Best Of Luck.

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