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About Us

Introduction about Us and Our group:

VLSI Expert Group is playing a "Role of Bridge" between the Industry and Educational Institute. This group is doing several activities "not for any type of profit". It helps to fulfill the gap in the area of VLSI (Semiconductor) by conducting workshop , seminars, short term courses, guest lectures, career counseling. It helps undergraduates, graduates and working professionals in re-shaping, rebuilding their career as per their interest or passion.

Puneet Mittal : Founder and Instructor
I am the Founder of this group. I have an overall experience of 13+ years in different Industries (EDA/Embedded/Design). I have done my Masters from BITS PILANI. I am also part of several social / professional societies in Education sector.

I usually interact with several "Subject Matter Experts" (SMEs) in the Industry to know their experiences and challenges they are facing from Student side. I am also in touch with several "Educational Institutes" to understand their constraints. These interactions help me a lot to understand the gap between our Educational system and Semiconductor Industry. I always try to share my knowledge and experience gathered by doing workshops or discussions or seminars through publishing online content or face to face interaction.

The motive of this group is to create awareness within the students for VLSI/Semiconductor industry. If possible, this group would like to create a link between experts and the students.

If, every expert in Semiconductor Industry take the responsibility of 1 candidate (fresher or just entered into the industry) and spend couple of Hours in a week, we can change the whole world within few months. So, in case anyone want to join us, please drop us a mail.

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Personal Mentorship:

Mentorship is missing in VLSI Industry. Several students need couple of minutes of someone, so that they can share their challenges and request for some guidance. Just reading the Blogs / Articles / Online Material are not sufficient. They need personal Guidance in term of

  • How to start?
  • What to Start?
  • How could they come to know their weak and strong areas?
  • They need to talk someone personally and need proper Counseling?
  • Which book they should refer and what Topic they should focus?
  • How to Build Resume as per Industry Requirement?
  • Personal Online or Offline Training?
  • Mail Communication / Skype Communication?
  • Mock Interview, to know if they are ready on a Particular Topic or Not

Knowing all these things, I (Puneet) am ready to talk to anyone, anytime. You can call me and I will try to guide you on different Processes and try to fill this gap.

Any one can contact me on my personal WhatsApp number: 9740033323 or drop a mail at following mail-id. I always try my best to respond asap.


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