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My Book/Publication:

Following are few books which are written by me and available in the amazon. I have also mentioned the unique thing in each and every book. I need your feedback to improve every book.

VLSI INTERVIEW QUESTION: Static Timing analysis : Puneet Mittal (Author)

VLSI INTERVIEW QUESTION: Static Timing analysis : Puneet Mittal (Author) : (In INR)

Above Book is a Kindle edition. For that you have to download a "Free Kindle App" on you mobile/desktop/tablets. You can download Kindle App using following link. - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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Recommended Books:

Following are few books which are one of the best in the industry for clearing the several basics. I will add few of the details of these books one by one.

  1. CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective (4th Edition): Neil Weste (Author), David Harris (Author)
  2. Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems : John P. Uyemura (Author)
  3. Modern VLSI Design: IP-Based Design (4th Edition) : Wayne Wolf (Author)

Reference Book/Articles:

Several people are asking the reference book and articles, which I usually refer for my understanding or for writing the blogs. As such, I always try to share my own experience but my experience also come from somewhere (either through Papers / Articles / Books / News Letters / webpages). So here I will try to capture all those sources from where I gained all my knowledge. I hope it will help everyone. This is also solve one of my problem know as copy-right-issue. :) Let us suppose, if I have captured any figure from somewhere (which is common), so I will not be worried about the copy-right-issue, if I have provided the source of that. :)

Build Your basics using these books:

Below are different books which can help you to build basics.


  1. Can you pls tell me the source to buy
    VLSI Interview Questions with Answers: Sam Sony (Author)
    Static Timing Analysis Interview Questions : Sam Sony (Author)
    in amzon i found it as specific to Kindle. i am looking for either ebook / normal book

    1. Down load the kindle app on your machine and it is an ebook

  2. I think for one to build basic concepts. Reading those books is not effective. I tried to read those kind of books once and it costs me a lot of time plus very confusing. In my opinion, we should use those books to reference but not for reading, especially reading the whole thing.

  3. hi, please tell me about best vlsi training institute in chennai...please replay me...
    thank you

  4. sir please refer the material for dynamic timing analysis for single and multi cycle datapath

    download free book daily 10

    email me for pdf of the above mentioned books


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