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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Physical Design Interview Questions (Part 2)

Second part of this series. There are few sets of questions which is very common from Physical Design Interview point of view.
One of my Student shared below questions with me and as I always do - Sharing with everyone. :) He told me that he got offer from 6 service based companies after practicing only these questions. I haven't validated his statement and going with his words. :)

Note: Not mentioning the Answer of these questions right now. But I will do that later on. If anyone of you can do this for me or others (in lesser time compare to my time)- that will be great. I will explain these Answers one by one in detail fashion, so obviously it will take time. :)

Third Set of questions (Asked in third Company)
Remember- first 2 set of questions already covered in previous article.
  1. What are the inputs given to PnR / What it contained?
  2. What are things will you do in data-setup?
  3. How will you place macros?
  4. Let A, B, C, D are four macro in a block, A & B are in same hierarchy and they are communicating with each other, D is also in same hierarchy as A & B but not communicating with A & B. C is in different hierarchy but communicating with D. How will you place the macros?
  5. What are the reason behind congestion between the macros?
  6. How will you find the spacing between two macros?
  7. How will you resolve congestion inside Standard cell?
  8. What is power planning?
  9. How will you reduce IR Drop?
  10. What is CTS? How will you synthesis clock tree and what are clock tree optimization?
  11. What is pre-routing?
  12. What are the low power techniques we used for the submicron technology?
  13. In a timing check between 2 FF, hold slack is +2ns but setup is failed by -10ns. How will you resolve it?

These are few set of questions which has been asked in 3 companies (2 sets, I have already shared in previous article). I am sure - lots more can be asked. My intension to captured these questions at this place is not to provide a list of questions which can 100% help you to crack any interview but I want to show you a pattern of questions and the amount of preparation which you need to do.
Like I said in my previous article - "I am not saying that only these questions are sufficient for you to crack any PD (Physical Design) Interview, but I am 100% sure that these will help you to understand if your preparation is good enough and also provide you certain direction in your preparation."

Just wanted to share one incidence before I finish this article.
After my first article, one of my friend from VLSI Industry (working as senior PD manager) called me and asked if I am doing the right thing to captured all these questions.

His concern was - what if candidates don't have understanding about whole PD flow but they know (mug-up or remember) all these questions and answer all of them correctly. They can't survive in Industry for Long, so am I doing justification with them? :)

In reply of this - I just asked one question to him - Are you asking same set of questions everytime in a same sequence & wording? He got my message and I hope same with you all.

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